Learn the Art of Reiki

Learn the Art of Reiki

Reiki I with Usui/Holy Fire II certification course is composed of receiving a Placement delivered by the teacher, along with specific teachings of Usui Sensei, that are practiced and recognized worldwide. The Placement process allows the student to become an open pathway to harness and transmit powerful Universal Life Force energy for themselves and others. This provides the ability to connect with the entire physical body and tap into their intuition on a deeper level. Upon receiving the Placement the student is able to channel this powerful energy quickly and act as a conduit for Reiki transference. Holy Fire is a very high-frequency energy that operates through high levels of consciousness, as it is direct from an infinite source of healing energy. Using Holy Fire energy with the Usui Reiki symbols amplifies and empowers the experience.

Topics to be covered are The origins, principles, and objectives. How Reiki works. What is Holy Fire? Reiki for children, pets, plants, and food/drink. Chakra functions. Chakra balancing. Meditation. Self-scans and treatments.

All students that complete the Usui Reiki I/Holy Fire II Practitioner Certificate.

Next Class : Monday, January 16, 2017

Time: 8:30-4:00 (with lunch break)

Where: Essentials MediSpa & Salon (Viera)

Taught By: Reiki Master-Teacher Practitioner, Renee Masse

Cost: $160

Reserve your space by calling (321)722-2860

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